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Thanks to 2012, Welcoming 2013

I've been drafted this writing for about 1 month, and maybe i've lost the moment. Well this is it:D

2012, i called it as a Year of Recovery. After all happy-sad things happened in 2010-2011, I transformed to another Ai that spent too much energy on something I couldn't handle. Too much thinking, too much arguing, and difficult to accept what didn't appropriate to my opinion. And, indeed, it spent lot of energy. So in 2012, I tried to transform my energy to more productive activities. I forced myself to move and move. Working, playing, socializing, volunteering, and many more. I also trained myself to laughing easily, think simply, and release quickly.  I was trying to recover the Ai to she used to be ( or maybe she never been before). That's why i feel 2012 was running so fast.

Mario Teguh ever said that when your heart feel sad, lost, empty, or confused, just MOVE. Move your body to everything that could distract your mind from what's make you sad, in positive ways of course, such as tidy up the room, read books, watching dvds, walking around, shopping, hangout with friends, working, etc. That's what I did. I pushed myself for doing everything. I accepted almost every jobs and hangouts offering. Then I surprised when I almost finished the year of 2012. The year that I thought going to be a difficult year to be passed, but  in fact, many smiles resulted by this year.

And there are my smiles during 2012, just a little note for me to always remember how Allah SWT had been so good to me, and he will always be.

1. Year of travelling
I visited more than 5 new places and added hundreds new friends in a year! The must noted trip were: 1) Trip to Bangkok with my office-mate on March 2012, 2) #NotesfromQatar trip to Belitung held by @muhammadAssad on March3) Trip to Pantara island with @defickry, @bimasabi  held by Walls on  May 4) Trip to Malang with my family on June. 5) and other little trip for office duty to several new places: Pontianak, Balikpapan, and Pulau Bangka.

2. Join voluntary community
I remember someone ever said to me that How to help our own self is by helping others. I believe it. That's why, then I tried to look for voluntary community. Making us happy is by making others happy, isn't it?:)
Another reason i joined voluntary community is about life-balancing. Jakarta has it own ways to make us stuck in daily routines, produced the same things, in the same ways. Then suddenly I realized, I've been here for 4 years and doing nothing but office things.
Well, GEMPAR ( Generasi Muda Penataan Ruang) and ROTARACT SEMANGGI had colorized my days in 2012 :)

3. Self improvement
One of my 2011 resolution was learn to play piano/keyboard. Why Piano? Simple reason is just because I can write on computer without seeing the keyboard, and maybe i can do the same thing on piano:p. Then after I took a piano short course, I realized that I have to press different button at all :'D. So, at the end of the course (3months), I only can play 1 song, Season in the Son by Westlife. Not bad huh? *Bad!*.
Well anyway I also took a more logical course than the previous one that was TOEFL IBT course :P *langsungpuyeng*

4. Bought my first property
And this is my biggest step on 2012. As I learned from Ligwina Hananto's book, Untuk Indonesia yang Kuat, I know that property is one of the best investment. It says that you have to save your money to buy your first property since the value is keep increase. And the most important thing is, I hope it will help me to control my expenses. Particularly on my uncontrolled and unimportant expenses. For those reasons, I choose apartment as my first investment. To be underlined, it doesn't mean I'm rich enough to buy it. It's all about our preference where we'll spend our money:).

5. Health as a priority.
I'm glad to hear my friends say that now I'm fatter and looks better than me with my thin body. In the past 2 years, I lost about 5 kg. The doctor said, to raise my weight I have to drink full cream milk mixed with green beans, every morning and night. Of course i'm failed to do that. Anyway, I actually know what's make me fatter is not milk and beans, but the heart condition. If I'm happy, everything's solved.
Now I'm fatter, and the incoming problem is........cholesterol :D *jengjeng

More or less, thanks to 2012. Please be good to me, 2013.

*this is my first mobile-blogging, yeay i did it! ^^

Happy Moment, 2012

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