Sabtu, 31 Agustus 2013

The Happiness Project #1

Two things that makes me feel guilty when I buy some books are 1) Failed to finish it, 2) Can’t implement the idea from the book (Esp. Religious books :D). So it feels so good when we can implement the idea from the books we read (positive idea). And I give my two thumbs up for the book that can inspire the reader deeply until they have desire to do what the book says. And here is one of them, THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Grethcen Rubin, recommended by @dianzbox :)

A week before my mother’s birthday, 6th June, I haven’t decided the gift I’d give to her. Lucky me, I read that book at the right time, at the right chapter. It says 2 things that might make you (or people around you) happier: 1) Be a treasure house of happy memories. 2) Take time for projects. It says that we have to appreciate each moment in our family because…

“….studies show that recalling happy times helps boost happiness.” (The Happiness Project, p.101)

Photograph is one way to keep memory alive. But we seldom to print out the photograph since the analog camera turn to digital camera. We just enjoy the picture on the computer. Maybe it will works for the the youngster. But how about them, who do not very familiar with the computer?. The memories can only be enjoyed by me, anytime I want. Worse, if I upload some pictures, people will enjoy it, but not my parents. They don’t even read my writing on my blog, just because they are not very familiar with this things:(

Then, the idea pop up! A very simple idea. I want to print out about 100 family's pictures, compiling from my collections and my brother’s collections (that must be have many moment with the kids that haven't seen by my parents). The grandchildren are the huge energy for my parents.
After all were compiled, I made some editing to those pictures. I joined some similar pictures and gave it little comment or title, then printed them out.
Here is some of them …..

How about their responses?
My mom so surprised. So do my father. They were laughing happily, enjoying each photo. Trying to recall the happy moments we ever through together…then she said that this is the most beautiful present she ever get. Yes, parent’s laughing is priceless :)

 Birthday Gift

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  1. aiiiikkk...kamu kereen sekali....bener2 briliant idea..ikut meirnding...selamat ulang tahun tante yaa. semoga sehat dan bahagia selalu, amiiiiiiin

  2. dua kali bertemu dua kali berjabat tangan, tanganmu selalu terasa dingin ai.. tidak seprti waktu pertama kali bertemu dulu..

    1. Hehe..ini siapa ya? tau banget tanganku hobi dingin :)

  3. You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
    You're beautiful, it's true.
    There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
    When she thought up that I should be with you.
    But it's time to face the truth,
    I will never be with you.

    i will keep you in my heart

    1. Halo. Terimakasih udah mampir :)