Minggu, 18 Januari 2015

There's Always A First Time in Our Life

10 days ago ...

I was on the train. On my way back to Jakarta after a quite long holiday.
Bringing a medium suitcase, a backpack and a shoulder bag. All full with my stuff.
Like a de ja vu. This scene brought me to the similar scene 5 years ago. 

With similar luggage with today, I sat alone in a middle-class-train. My brain was so busy thinking of how it will be tomorrow? Who is the person I'll meet? How’s my future office? Will I survive living in the biggest city in my country? Will I miss my parents so bad? Can I live here alone without them? Without my mother waking me up and preparing hot chocolate milk in the morning? And will always prepare her shoulder and wipe my tears in my lowest condition?

All my worries popped up in my brain. But there is no exit door within my journey. I had to face it. 

I arrived in my boarding house. A 4,5-year boarding house. I tried to adapt to the new circumstance. I went to the nearest market to buy some stuff in order to make my new home comfortable. I bought carpet, DVD player and television to cheer up my day.
In the next day, I went to my new office. I met new people and co-worker in a kind of prestigious office where lots of clever people and hard workers were there. Will I in the same frequency with them? Was I clever enough to join with them? Yes, I was afraid. Because my worry was bigger than what I had experienced. 

5 years after that. 

I could (surprisingly) adapt with the city. This city is not that scary for me. I have a new family. I have lots of new friends. I have my own enjoyment to enjoy this city. I finally called it 'home' after a series of business trip. Particularly when I visit some regions that don't have complete facilities as I have in Jakarta (if you get lost, you just have to raise your hand and the taxi will come to you and take you home-this called blessing in disguise). 

Now, I’m here in Brisbane.

Starting a new life for the next 2 years. I experience the same feeling like when I had to move from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. My brain starts questioning, how it will be tomorrow, how hard is the study will be, can I pass all courses, can I adapt with these all new circumstance?. Then in the day I open my new bank account, the bank officer smile to me and say, “Hey, you ask a lot of questions, don’t worry you’ll be okay…”:D. I forget that now I live in a no-worries-country as the old driver that picked me up at the airport said to me, “ Now you should start to say no worries ….” :)

Okay! Tomorrow is another day that I have to start a new thing in my life. The  Introductory Academic Program (IAP) is about to start. I will meet a lot of International students and new teachers. Let see how it goes. As I learned previously, the process is always started by talking with new people. So if I could communicate with them, then I could pass the process and realize that it will not as difficult as I think. Because there is always a first time in our life, the second onwards, must be easier and easier.
Wish me lunch! Eh…luck :P. 

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