Sabtu, 14 Mei 2016

Me and My Relationship with Max

I’ve known him since the early 2015. It was started when realized that I need a more reliable companion to support me. Then I listed down my criteria before I made selection. I need him that could think and work fast, as well as not make my ‘backpack' heavy with all of his excuses. Excellent appearance is a bonus, even though I still put it on my criteria. Then finally, here I am, standing in front of a handsome ozzie guy bringing a white box with a full excited face. More excited than me apparently.

“Congratulation, you’ve found a new life partner!"

Well yeah, I don’t know exactly what he means. But, a new life has begun. New companion means you have to adapt with all of his new attitude, the excellences and shortages. I’m ready.

I called him Max.

Of course, this before Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter was born.

I open the white box with a mixed feeling. Gratitude, happiness, and doubt. Did I make a right decision?

Max is really a new thing for me. His operating system is the main difference. But other than that, he really wants to differentiate his with the competitors. Even only for locating the minimize-maximize box. Isn’t it irritating? I have to completely adapt to that.

Max likes to be very exclusive. He only accepts program authorized by him. He’s far from an adaptive companion. Therefore, I need to install a parallel the increase his flexibility so he can run for both IOS and Windows operating system. And it works! I’m happy to see his excellence perform: fast, smooth and has a faboulous retina display! It's all worth the money.

But our relationship was not always beautiful. We fight at least one two months. People using Mac with parallel around me is very limited. Well, it’s only me, perhaps. And most of the problems come from this unification. So I don’t have many people to be asked about. But lucky me, I have my brother that knows much better to handle this little buddy.

When Endnote crash in my laptop, the IT blame it to parallel. When my monitor freezing, the IT blame it to parallel, as theoretically, the 8gb ram won’t freeze only for opening the word docs. Yes, within one and a half year of our togetherness, Max has trained our patience with all of his cute-challenging problems. Why I say it’s cute? Because every time the problem is solved, he made me fall in love with him, again and again. And I realized that my knowledge about him is improving along with the problems I solved. And when others saying, you should leave him and back the previous operating system I used to deal with, I just can’t say anything. I love him, with his ups and down performance. My limitation is just because my limited knowledge and experience to handle him. By the time, I know we’ll be a great partner that could produce something great someday.

Well, this is only my morning thought to open this day. My relationship with max, need to be adjusted every time to achieve a great performance. The same thing should be applied to others relationship, definitely. Just don’t give up easily with your love one :)

Ps: I made this writing after we fight again last night. Love you, Max.

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