Sabtu, 25 Juni 2016

Surrounded by Good People

I just landed in Denpasar, Bali from Perth, and still overwhelmed with had happened in Perth Airport in my departure.

I just finished my third semester and want to take some of my stuff home in this winter break holiday to minimise my luggage when I’m back for good on December Insha Allah. So, I optimize my luggage space to fit in my baggage allowance, which is 20kg. I was using Virgin in my first flight BNE-PER, and surprisingly my luggage was 22kg. Fortunately, they allowed me to check in without any charge. Fiuhh….

I had a great holiday in Perth for 3 days, and tonight I will fly to Jogja, transit in Denpasar.

In my flight from PER-DPS with a budget airline, I tried to rearrange my baggage and put some stuff to my carry on baggage. Normally, they don’t check the carry on baggage. Well, at least, it never happen to me on my every flight, so I still keep that theory on my mind. But not today. In the check in counter, the officer firstly asked whether I bring carry on baggage or not, and ask me to put it on airport weighing machine. It was so unpredictable.

“ Your carry on baggage is too heavy….it’s 10kg. You could put some stuff on checked baggage, otherwise you will be charged $30/kg."

I know, my checked baggage already full. But I try to check its weight. It’s 21 kg! So, the total exceed baggage was 4 kg, means $120. I don’t know what to do, but the quickest way is step back and ask when is the last time to check in, I’ll try to filter my stuff and get rid of it.

But then…..

A couple of Australian people come to my check-in desk….

“Hey, I still have 4kg space, you could put some stuff to my baggage….”, a very nice girl sincerely offered me a help.

I dont think twice. I’m gratefully take that offer. I took 2 of my heaviest stuff and give it to her, books and bedsheet. Problem solved, I successfully checked in.

In the waiting room I was thinking…..
My father always remind me that I should never accept unknown stuff from stranger, even though they are in trouble. It could be drugs, and death penalty will be the consequences. No way. Don’t ever think to help people to bring their stuff in the airport and always keep an eye to your stuff.

But these two strangers…… they were not afraid to help me. Will they do something to my stuff? I just can’t think any negative thing about them, they are so kind and GOD…..He softly remind me that….
1. He always see me. Give some challenges and ready with the help.
2. The theory that your carry on baggage will never be checked is no longer applied, especially for budget airlines. But most importantly, uncontrolled exceed baggage will endanger the flight.
3. There are still a lot of good people around us. That will help without any intention. If they want to help, they just help. Not to be seen as a kind people. They just help, sincerely. They don’t expect anything to be returned.

I do really surrounded by good people this week. My lecture, my friends, even strangers, and I will be home soon, surrounded by my family. Thank God….

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

Don’t put yourself in exceed baggage trouble.

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